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Practice Activity Sets: Computer Science & Information Technology

We have created a very special Study Material for the students of Computer Science (CS) and Information Technology (IT). Computers, computational systems, softwares, hardwares, theories, designing, developing, applications, networking etc. are some important topics which are skillfully studied under these subjects.

Fill in the blanks:
1. The__________ tag is used to create form.
2. E-Commerce Scope is_______.
3. Input restrictions, ______ specifies the maximum value for an input field.
4. <area shape=”_____”> requires the coordinates of center point and the radius.
5. SEO stands for__________.
6. HTML stands for_____.
7. <input type= “______”> defines the range control.
8. In Client Side Scripting, the script resides on______ Computer.
9. SEO is mainly classified in to two types as On Page SEO optimization and______ Optimization.
10. To do Multiline Comment Type _____ symbol is used in PHP.
11. AI stands for________.
12. ________SEO include provision of goods content good keyword.
13. The______ Keyword is used to create new object in JavaScript.
14. DOM stands for_________.
15. IOT stands for________.
16. The______ attribute of <input> tag specifies that an input field is required.
17. HP file have extension______.
18. E-Commerce stands for_____.
19. The ______tag defines an Ordered List.
20. The _____ style sheet is used when you want to make changes on multiple pages.

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State whether True or False:
1. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets.
2. IoT increases human efforts.
3. <LINK> tag is used to link style sheet properties to an html document.
4. Black hat SEO focuses on human audience.
5. A Script is interpreted by web server is called as client side script.
6. HTML is an Object Oriented Programming Language.
7. A function in JavaScript is declared using function keyword.
8. PHP is very difficult to use, as compared to other scripting languages.
9. Variable names are case-sensitive in PHP.
10. Order and delivery are the part of presale phase of trade cycle.
11. White Hat strategies include duplicate content.
12. JavaScript can handle date and time.
13. onClick, onMouseUp are mouse events
14. 4G is the next generation of wireless communication.
15. The PHP code can also be embedded with HTML tags using <? and?>.
16. PHP files are saved with .html extension.
17. Execution phase consist of two steps like search and negotiate.
18. NEFT, IMPS etc. are the examples of Bank transfer.
19. PHP is very difficult to use.
20. In page structure optimization, html programs should start with <!DOCTYPE html>.

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Choose the correct alternative:
1) MPEG stands for ______.
a. Making Picture Expert Groups
b. Moving Picture Expert Group
c. Managing Picture Expert Group
d. Merging Picture Expert Groups

2) The ______element creates an inline frame.
a. <body>
b. <frame>
c. <link>
d. <iframe>

3) ______helps to find out what could be done to improve ranking on search engines.
a. SEO search
b. SEO Audit
c. SEO Speed
d. SEO optimization.

4)  _______object is parent of all other objects.
a. window
b. math
c. string
d. number

5) The PHP code can also be embedded with HTNL tags using_____
a. <!php!>
b. <?php and?>
c. <=php>
d. <#php>

6) Variable in PHP start with the_____ sign followed by name of the variable.
a. #
b. $
c. @
d. =

7) The list within another list is called_______list.
a. listed
b. tested
c. none
d. nested

8) The external style sheet ______ tag should be put inside head section.
a. <style>
b. <link>
c. <title>
d. <body>

9) The ID selector is written with the______character followed by the id Name.
a. Period(.)
b. asterisk (*)
c. hash (#)
d. none of these

10) The ____tag placed between <head> tag.
a. <body>
b. <form>
c. <audio>
d. <meta>

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Match the following:

Column A Column B
1) <input type=” email”> a) Occurs when user click on button.
2) SEO audit b) Returns the title of the document.
3) <title> c) Define filed for email address.
4) OnClick d) Determine the health of the website.


Column A Column B
1) <ul> a) Client side image map
2) usemap· b) CSS property
3) color c) bulleted list.
4) <img> d) inserts an image


Column A Column B
1) Image Optimization a) Meta tag
2) Links to Twitter, Facebook b) SEO technique
3) Description about author c) alt attributes
4) White Hat Strategy d) Social Media Optimization


Column A Column B
1) Switch case a) Combines initialization, condition and loop iteration.
2) For loop b) Skip statement block and take the control at the beginning for next iteration
3) Break c) Server side script
4) Continue d) Used to jump out of loop
e) Decision statement


Column A Column B
1) DOM a) Defines logical structure of document
2) writet() b) Client Side Script
3) writeln() c) In which id property is used to find element
4) getElementByld() d) Writes JavaScript Code
e) Writes JavaScript code to a document by adding new line after each statement

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Choose the correct alternative:
1) Following is the values of type attribute of <input> tag.
a. Minimum
b. Maximum
c. Check
d. email

2) An ordered list can be_______.
a. Static
b. Numerical
c. Constant
d. None of these

3) Types of positioning in CSS are______.

a. Form
b. Constant
c. Fixed
d. Post

4) To define a definition list_______  tag is used.

a. <dl>
b. <dd>
c. <dm>
d. <ul>

5) Common audio formats is_______.
a.    .mpeg
b.    .mp3
c.    .mp4
d.   .webm

6) The _____ tag is used to map the image.

a. <img>
b. <link>
c. <map>
d. <alt>

7) SaaS stands for_________

a. Software as Self
b. Software as Service
c. Software as Secure
d. Software as Section

8)  _______ is known as a Collection of webpages.

a. Web Server
b. Web Browser
c. Web Site
d. Document

9) <Input type=”_______”> is used to define input field that should contain telephone number.
a. Telephone
b. Tel
c. Telegram
d. Telnumber

10)   _______ Positioning property helps to put the text fixed on the browser.
a. Static
b. Fixed
c. Absolute
d. Dynamic

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Match the following:

Column A Column B
1) On blur a) Occurs when user changes content of an element
2) On focus b) Occurs when user selects some text of an element
3) On change c) Occurs when an element gets focus
4) On select d) Occurs when user leaves field or losses focus of an element
e) Closes window


Column A Column B
1) Onsubmit a) Occurs when user clicks on reset button
2) Onreset b) Prints the contents of the window
3) Onload c) Occurs when document page has been unloaded or closes
4) Onunload d) Occurs when user clicks submit
e) Occurs when page image


Column A Column B
1) Smart City a) Software as a Service
2) Amazon Web Server b) Platform as a Service
3) PaaS c) Cloud Computing
4) SaaS d)  lOT


Column A Column B
1) Presale a) Consists of Order and Delivery
2) Execution b) Consists of Warranty and After sales
3) Settlement c) Consists of Invoice and Payment
4) After sales d) Consists of Search and negotiate


Column A Column B
1) Encryption a) Also known as electronic signature
2) Decryption b) Converts plain text into cipher text
3) Digital Signature c) Is a electronic password
4) Digital Certificate d) Converts chipher text into plain text

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Choose the correct alternative:
1) PHP runs on following platform.
a. System
b. Windows
c. Word
d. Excel

2) ______cloud examples include those offered by Amazon, Microsoft, or Google.
a. Public
b. Private
c. Hybrid
d. AssA

3) Which is a not benefit of Cloud computing?
a. Cost Saving
b. Mobility
c. Reliability
d. Limited storage

4) ______is a keyword to declare variable In JavaScript.
a. var
b. dimension
c. variable
d.  dim

5) The program file of PHP have______ extension.
a.  .asp
b.  .php
c.  .js
d. .txt

6) The______ function in PHP replaces some characters with some other characters in a string.
a. str_replace()
b. strpos()
c. strtolower()
d. replace()

7) As a form of e-commerce, ______ enables users to access online shopping platforms without needing to use a desktop computer.
a. E-wallet
b. M-Commerce
c. Mobile Payments
d. Bank transfer

8) The_____attributes of <meta> tag specifies the name of the metadata.
a. http-equiv
b. Name
c. Content
d. Charset

9) The default value of type attribute of ordered list is ______
a. I
b. a
c. 1
d. 10

10) The element enables to embed or add audio files an webpages.
a. <audio>
b. <video>
c. <style>
d. <img>

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Choose the correct alternative:
1) Usemap attribute of <img> tag is used with value which is preceded with a_____symbol.
a. #
b. @
c. $
d. •

2) The element creates an inline frame.
a. <body>
b. <frame>
c. <link>
d. <iframe>

3) ______provides you free hosting of the website for limited period of time.
a. Free hosting
b. fixed
c. shared
d. Dedicated hosting

4) Website is made available on the Internet with the help of ________.
a. Website
b. Web space
c. Web world
d. Web hosting

5) ______ on World Wide Web.
a. Search Engine
b. Website
c. Application
d. API

6) ______ includes duplicate content.
a. On-Page SEO
b. Off,.PageSEO
c. White Hat SEO
d. Black HatSEO

7) Meta Description should be between _______.
a. 70 and 100
b.100 and 200
c. 70 and 160
d.  70 and 200

8) Image tag with______attribute gives information about the image.
a. alt
b. src
c. height
d. width

9) ______is a widely used open source server side programming language which runs on various platforms.
a. Word
b. PHP
c. Excel
d. PowerPoint

10) _______function returns the length of a string.
a. strrev()
b. strlen()
c. strlength()
d. substr()

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Choose the correct alternative:
1) ______ scripting communicates to the server.
a. Client Side
b. Software Side
c. Server Side
d. Website

2)_______  scripts are used for  validation purpose.
a. Client Side
b. Server Side
c. Website
d. Web Browser

3) ______ scripts require web browser as on interface.
a. Server Side
b. Webpage
c. Website
d. Client Side

4) JavaScript has a built-in multiway decision statement known as _______
a. Condition
b. Switch
c. Break
d. Continue

5) The _______ keyword is used to create new object in JavaScript.
a. Next
b. Wend
c. Loop
d. New

6) AAC stands for______
a. Auto Audio coding
b. Advanced Audio Coding
c. Arrange Audio Coding
d. Advanced Arrange Coding

7) An image with multiple hyperlinks is called a _______
a. Links
b. Navigation
c. Hyperlinks
d. Image map

8) The clickable regions of image map are called as_______
a. Hotspots
b. Image map
c. Hyperlinks
d. links

9) E-commerce is available in ________
a. days
b. 24X7
c. night
d. 9 am to 5 pm

10) The ______ attribute defines the shape as rect, circle or poly.
a. Coords
b. shape
c. alt
d. Href

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Fill in the blanks:
1. <input type=” ________”> defines a field for an email address.
2. The ___attribute of <input> tags specifies the maximum value for an input field.
3. The ______attribute of <input> tag specifies that an input field is required;
4. The ______ attribute of <input> tag specifies that the user is allowed to enter more than one value in the <input> element.
5. The ______ tag is used by search engines to search information that is provided with the web page.
6. <input type=” _____”> defines an image as a submit button.
7. CSS stands for _______
8. Internal CSS is written inside _____tag within head section of html.
9. External Style Sheet uses _______ tag on every page.
10. The ______ property helps in controlling the horizontal spacing between Characters of text.
11. The Class selector is used with ______ character followed by the class more.
12. The _____ attribute of <ol>tag specifies the starting number of the first item.
13. _____ SEO include Provision of good content good keyword.
14. _____SEO Techniques that search engines recommends. as a part of good design.
15. <input type=” ___”> defines a month and year control in format as ‘YYYY-MM’.
16. Title contents should be up to ______ characters.
17. ______ Commerce trading activities are online via the internet and can be considered automatic.
18. In ______ model business sells its product directly to a customer.
19. <input type=” _____” defines a date picker with the year, month and day.
20. EDI stands for ______.
21. A _____ variable declared outside a function has a scope and can only be accessed outside a function.
22. A ______ variable declared within a function has a scope and can only be accessed within that function.
23. ________ are the statements in PHP code, which are not visible in the output of the program.
24. The statement allows programmer to make decision based on one more condition.
25. A ______ is a block of statements that can be repeatedly in a program.
26. A ______ is a small text file that the server sends on the user’s computer.
27. The _______ phase of Trade cycle consists of Order and Delivery.
28. _____ is a type of electronic card which is used for transactions made online through a computer or a smartphone.
29. Business entities conducting business electronically are called _______.
30. The _______ consists of many services exchanged between business sectors and government.

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State whether True or False:
1. E-Commerce is a process of buying and selling of goods or services using Internet.
2. Trade Cycle is the series of exchanges between a customer and supplier that take place when a commercial exchange is executed.
3. Bank transfer cannot be used when money is sent from one bank account to another.
4. E-Governance delivers SMART governance.
5. Digital Signature is on electronic passwords that allow organization to exchange data securely over the Internet using PKl.
6. <meta> tag is a paired tag.
7. Each declaration contains a property name and value separated by a semicolon.
8. The color property changes the background color of the web page.
9. Background-image property is used to set an image as the background of your webpage.
10. Ordered list cannot be numerical or alphabetical.
11. The default value of type attribute in ordered list is 1.
12. The list items in unordered lists are marked with numbers.
13. JavaScript cannot handle date and time.
14. List within list is called nested list.
15. Name attribute specifies name of the image used for client-side image map.
16. JavaScript is platform independent scripting language.
17. PHP, ASP.net etc are server-side scripting languages.
18. Continue statement is used to make early exit from a loop.
19. A JavaScript object is an entity having properties and objects.
20. DOM stands for Document Original Model.\
21. onClick, onMouseUp are mouse events.
22. String object is used to store and manipulate numbers.
23. IoT helps to minimize the human efforts.
24. PaaS Do not provide collaborative work if teams work remotely.
25. Cloud computing solution are not reliable than In-house I.T infrastructure.
26. AI helps to take faster decision as compare to humans.
27. 5G technologies may use variety of spectrum bands.
28. A variable name can start with a number.
29. StrLength() function returns the length of a string.
30. Substrcount() function counts the number of times a substring occurs in a string.

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Choose two correct alternatives:
1) Following are the values of type attribute of <input> tag.
a) Minimum
b) Maximum
c) date
d) email

2) An ordered list can be______or______.
a) Static
b) Numerical
c) Constant
d) Alphabetical.

3) Types of positioning in CSS are______.
a) Form
b) Constant
c) Fixed
d) Static

4) To create items in definition list and_____and _____tags are used.
a) <dt>
b) <dd>
c) <dm>
d) <ul>

5) Common audio formats are_______ and _______.
a). acc
b) .mp3
c) .mp4
d). webm

6) Image Maps are of two types; _______ and _______.
a) Network Side
b) Client-Side
c) Computer Side
d) Server Side

7) Following are the properties of Number Object in JavaScript_______
a) lowercase
b) Uppercase
c) NaN

8) Default range of range control is to _______
a) 0
b) 100
c) 120
d) 200

9) Disadvantages of IoT are _______ and _______.
a) Complexity
b) Time saving
c) Improve security
d) Privacy

10) There are two types of scripting; _______ and _______.
a) Server
b) Client
c) User
d) Computer

11) The main reason of popularity of PHP are_______ and _______.
a) Hard
b) Close source
c) Open-Source
d) Simple

12) The______ and ______ are valid data type in PHP.
a) Double
b) Varchar
c) Integer
d) Array

13) Settlement phase of trade cycle includes _______ and _______.
a) Invoice
b) Order
c) Payment
d) Negotiation

14) Example of B2C type businesses are______, ______ etc.
a) Flipkart
b) OLX
c) Online auction
d) Amazon

15) The major browsers which support features of HTML5 are _______ and _______.
a) Windows Explorer
b) Microsoft Edge
c) Google Chrome
d) My files

16) Following are the security measure in E-commerce
a) EDI
b) Trade cycle
c) Digital signature
d) Digital certificate

17) G2C type of E-governance provides services like_______ and _______.
a) License renewals
b) Paying tax
c) Trade Cycle
d) EDI

18) Following attributes of <input> tag are used to specify minimum and maximum value for input field_______
a) min
b) disabled
c) multiple
d) max

19) Following are the built-in objects in JavaScript ______
a) Math
b) Time
c) Array
d) Month

20) Following are the properties of Document Object Model ______
a) Src
b) head
c) URL
d) title

21) Following are the methods of Window object.
a) open ()
b) status
c) closed
d) closed ()

22) Following are the event handlers in JavaScript______
a) onSubmit
b) write ()
c) onChange
d) writeln()

23) Following are the methods of Math objects________
a) substr()
b) abs()
c) trim()
d) random()

24) Following are the types of cloud.
a) Public Cloud
b) Private Cloud
c) Personal Cloud
d) secure Cloud

25) Following are the data types used in PHP_______
a) Boolean
b) Text
c) Number
d) Array

26) Loop structure in PHP is_______
a) for
b) for each
c) if
d) if else

27) Comments are of and type
a) Single line
b) No line
c) Two-line
d) multi-line

28) Programming languages for server-side programming are_______
a) PHP
b) Tally
c) Excel
d) Python

29) Application of M-Commerce are_______ and _______.
a) E-bill payment
b) Local Commerce
c) Mobile Banking
d) Social Commerce

30) Advantages of E-governance are_______ and _______.
a) Increase of overall cost
b) Decrease convenience
c) High transparency
d) Reduced corruption

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